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Idea in a forest is all about using graphic design to make your message clearer.

I’m interested in visual advocacy: projects that are driven by good ideas.
What makes a project worthwhile? What impact will it have?

I’ve been fortunate to collaborate with a wide range of people who appreciate my process: activists, poets, academics, architects, publishers and chefs.

I’m currently based in Cape Town but travel well, especially when there are interesting ideas to communicate. 

telephone: +27 021 4244223  

Whence the name? On my first visit to Beijing, I worked on an illegal magazine run out of an apartment. I needed a Chinese business card and my colleagues called me ‘Lin Si’, which sounds a little like my name,  Lynne Stuart. The Chinese characters in the red stamp mean ‘forest’ and ‘thought’ or ‘idea’.

 With many thanks to Stefan and Olaf Dunn for developing the idea in a forest theme and making this site.